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April 24th, 2006

el5peth @ 11:12 pm: Battle of the Bands
Just in case anyone is interested:

Chi Alpha Tau sorority is hosting our first (& hopefully annual) Battle of the Bands.
April 25th (Tuesday) @ 7:30pm in Club D'Ville
Admission is $2.00, with all proceeds going to Mom's House of Lancaster.
Featured bands include: A Dying Age, Boone Heights, Mercedes Lane, & Let Go Beautiful.

Come out & have a good time! :-]

aphroditesiris @ 01:28 pm: lost cell phone
somehow have managed to lose cell phone between brooks (in calc class) and lyle dining hall, following paths. its liek a less than 5-minute walk and sometime between 11:50 and 12pm today. i checked the lost and found at the smc but they said it coudl take a few days for it to turn up. I DON"T HAVE A FEW DAYS TO WAIT FOR MY PHONE!!! so if anyone finds one, please comment. it is a silver cingular samsung flip phone.

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listentodave @ 12:37 pm: i have a hartke b90 bass amp that i'm lookin to sell. i've had it for a few years and since i don't play in my band anymore i'm lookin to trade down to something smaller. i'm lookin for like 250 OBO... i think i paid 350 for it. tell your friends, lj gets the word out better than the myville classifieds

April 19th, 2006

soul_sets_fire @ 01:47 pm: This community desperately needs someone to make fun of. wheres the cowboy when you need him? or the girl who wants to do brooke? even Ed's usually good for something stupid to make fun of. I swear to god if there are any more "I just came to MU and I want you all to be my friends" posts, I'm going to come to your dorm room and light your mattress on fire!

April 11th, 2006

reily @ 07:10 pm: internship?
in the event anyone is looking for an internship, or just wants to help out. on a personal note, it's not a bad gig. headquarters is located in adamstown, which is a 30-minute haul up 222... but the internship isn't NEARLY as demanding or strenuous as others. check it out if you like, or shoot me a message.

Lee Heffner, the Democratic candidate for the 37th District of the PA House of Representatives, is seeking interns and volunteers for the Summer and/or Fall semesters. Our interns and volunteers are given an unusually high degree of autonomy, and are expected to participate in high-level meetings on campaign strategy and logistics. This opportunity is excellent for students who wish to become political professionals or candidates some day, and looks impressive on a resume or an application to law school.

Students who so desire can also earn academic credit for their internship with us.

Those interested should contact Lee's deputy campaign manager, Mike Weagley, at 717-781-5537. Resumes are not required, but may help expedite the process; these can be e-mailed to mike@trustheffner.com.

March 28th, 2006

marq_smoitn @ 09:25 pm: free food
I don't really like doing this, but I just wanted to let people know that on monday april 10, there will be free food in in the mpr starting at 6:30. There will be jewish, hispanic, indian, and chilean dancers as well as brazilian martial arts.
tuesday there is a free showing of "the constant gardener" in the club d ville at 7 pm.
wednesday is a free showing of "in the time of the butterflies" in room 304 in mccomsey- 6:30 pm.
thursday asian culture celebration in the mpr i think at 6:30 pm
and friday music, dancing, and more food in the club d ville at 6 pm.

hope people can come check it out. it's all free.

February 12th, 2006

mia_sailor_nova @ 09:40 pm: Does anyone know why the fire alarm went off in Diehm today, and why the people living there were kept out for so long?

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January 20th, 2006

listentodave @ 01:01 am: anyone know of any good tattoo shops around here... i'm lookin to get a 2nd tattoo and i want a fairly simple one so they don't have to be an AMAZING artist... but i still want a good tattoo obviously. any recommendations?

January 18th, 2006

aphroditesiris @ 03:08 pm: random auto compliments and a suggestion for this year's show
i don't think i'll be banned for compliments, despite the random nature of such.
(i'm not a stalker but had a lot of time to walk around and notice things last week; cars catch my eye ;-)
* whoever has the PA license plate LIL BIX has awesome bumper stickers
* I <3 the two tone black/silver firebird at 108 george st.
* ditto on the black dodge stealth I see roaming round

I hear you guys put on a show at the end of the spring semester. How much does it cost to enter, what kind of "classes" do you have categorized, and what are the contests/prizes? My suggestion is a drag race down shenks lane...well I don't know what the boro police about it-if a section of road could be marked off or something.

Does anyone know of a drag strip/racetrack around here? Perhaps it could be rented with show entry $$ and/or save prize $$ for the race winner. Just a few suggestions, wondering if there are that many car enthusiasts up here, Carlisle is not too far away ;-)

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Current Music: V-8 vibrating through my soles down Frederick in passing

January 15th, 2006

listentodave @ 12:19 am: anyone here ever taken geography 202... do we really need the book or does anyone have the book to see me... cause i'm hurtin for cash for books

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